Sometimes it’s finding the right location for each shoot that can be the most time consuming part of planning blog fashion shoots.  I often spend lots of time researching locations that I think would work well with the fashion bloggers I work with.  Below you’ll find a list I’ve compiled of my “go-to” places in Naples.  And if you don’t live in Naples, stick around to the end for some helpful tips on finding locations in your city.

There are two main areas in Naples that I’ve found to be the most versatile, those are Downtown Naples (5th Avenue South) and Olde Naples (3rd Street South)


    • City Of Naples Free Parking Garage – I love the versatility of the top floor of the free parking garage, the light before sunset is beautiful.  You can often also get some lovely cloud formations and the light concrete of the ground make for a great natural reflector, which bounces pretty light back into the subject’s face.  I find that this is a great option for a more urban feel, which sometimes can be hard to find in Naples.
    • Neighborhoods Surrounding 5th Ave – It’s fun to have more of a residential feel to some images, and I love the different architecture of the homes surrounding 5th Ave.  Also another added plus is the sidewalks are light colored concrete, so again you get great natural reflectors.
    • Alleyways off the main strip – During “Season” (i.e Winter) Naples can become crowded with visitors and snow birds, so finding little alleyways off of the main street can be a huge plus if you want images free from people in the background.  




    • Tommy Bahama – The lush tropical foliage outside of Tommy Bahama’s is a favorite when looking for some dense greenery and bright flowers.  It lends a summery vibe year round.
    • The corners of 3rd St S & 13th Ave S – The shoppes on either corner of these streets are fun for the bright colors and Florida vibe.  In the evening there is great light, and it could work for morning shoots as well.
    • Barbatella – This is a great Italian restaurant and gelato place (the hazelnut praline is my favorite) but in addition to that, I love their use of string lights in the evening that give a special glow in the background of images.
    • Olde Naples Building – This is another with great natural reflectors all around and a clean white building can be quite versatile. It’s on a corner so it’s easy to utilize both sides based on the light available.


These are just a few of my favorites within each area, but there is so much more to offer from both!

If you’re not in Naples and are looking for ways to find new locations, here are some of my go-to ways of searching:

  • Instagram Searches – I will often search by place on Instagram to narrow down locations that I want to dig into deeper.  I’ll usually search by city and then look through the photos until something that catches my eye and then see if I can find hashtags or a specific location within the caption or tags.  This can be hit or miss as sometimes there isn’t enough information to get a specific location.
  • Street View in Google Maps – This is my most used way of finding locations.  You will need to have a specific area in mind and then just roam around the streets looking for possible locations.  One reason I love this is because it actually gives you an idea of what’s surrounding you (for natural reflectors, weird reflections from an oddly colored building across the street, etc.). This can be helpful to determine if there are other cool options close by.  Another reason I love it, is you can see directionally which way the location is facing, so you can determine if it will be in good light in the evening or morning.  The only potential downside is that the photo might have been taken a while ago (the timestamp is at the top left hand corner of the image).  If it was more than a year ago, you can anticipate that it may not look exactly like that when you arrive (plantings may have changed, there could be construction that has begun).
  • While Driving Around – A location will often catch my eye as I drive by, when this happens I make note of where I am and the closest street or landmark and take a photo (if possible).  I’ll save this on my phone in the notes app or in a google doc to remember for future use.
  • Google Research – This is the final way I use, which can sometimes be a bit of a time suck.  However, it’s a great source nonetheless.  For example, I had the idea for a shoot in Washington, DC where we used murals as the backdrop. I googled DC Murals and found a website that linked to a large selection of murals in the DC area.  That was super helpful, then once I had the addresses, I looked at them via Google Street View to get a better idea of the surrounding area and neighborhoods.  If you’d like to see the images from that shoot click here. 


I hope you find these tips helpful! I’d love to hear if you have any other ways of finding locations in your area!

Images in this post shot on film and digital and were from recent shoots with fashion blogger, Annie from Absolutely Annie. 


If you are in the Naples, Florida area (or on planning a vacation) and would like to book a shoot for your blog? I’d love to work with you!  You can find out more information here.