One of the most commonly said  things when working with bloggers is “I love images with movement!”  And I totally agree, I love it when a client is excited to put some movement into their session.  Here are a few tips I’ve found that are helpful in creating movement that looks real and natural.


  1. Walking – This one is the easiest way to infuse some movement into images.  My favorite is to have the client walking across the street.  We’ll usually do a few passes to get some variety.  Remember to shift your gaze around, look at the camera, look off off to the side, or just off camera, look down at your feet while tucking your hair or playing with an accessory.
  2. Drunk Walk – This is a technique I learned about from Ben Sasso.  Start in a stationary point and then casually walk forward, then back, then to one side and the other.  Imagine a drunk person who isn’t able to walk in a straight line and sort of stumbles and sways around.  While you’ll feel totally ridiculous doing this in public, you’ll get lots of “in between” moments that can really work and look authentic.
  3. The Fake Laugh – This is exactly what it sounds like.  You just start off with a big old fake laugh and what typically happens is you actually start to laugh because you feel kind of silly.  That’s what we want, the real laugh after the fake one.  Some variations on this are to make sure you look in different directions, play with your hair and accessories while laughing to give yourself variety, you could even try fake laughing and drunk walking at the same time, granted you will feel totally absurd, but sometimes the best images come when you’ve pushed past your comfort zone.

I hope you’ll use these tips in your next shoot.  Remember to keep trying new things and stepping outside of your usual go-to poses, you may find some new favorites!

These images were from a shoot with the lovely fashion and lifestyle blogger, Stephanie from She Saw Style.  All images were shot on film, with vintage cameras.

If you are in the Naples, Florida area (or on planning a vacation) and would like to book a shoot for your blog, I’d love to work with you!  You can find out more information here.